The Cuisinart Extreme Brew coffee maker features brewing technology that is capable of brewing coffee up to 25% faster than average coffee makers.

It also comes with fully automatic operation with 24 hours programmability that lets you enjoy a fresh, hot cup of coffee at anytime you need.

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For under 150 dollars, the coffee machine does have some pros and cons you should be aware of.

This is our Cuisinart Extreme Brew 10-Cup Coffeemaker (DCC-2750) reviews.

Read on to find out more about the coffee machine.

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The Cuisinart Extreme Brew Overview

Cuisinart Extreme Brew

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew features re-engineered brewing technology to deliver coffee up to 25% faster.

Apart from that, the coffee machine also comes with Brew Strength Control that allows you to enjoy your coffee in regular or bold brew.

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew is fully automatic.

You can set up the coffee brewing time and enjoy the coffee whenever you want while the double-walled premium stainless steel thermal carafe keeps it warm for you.

The coffee machine also comes with 1-4 cup brew settings and Brew Pause feature.

The Brew Pause feature let you pour a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle is finished.

Below are more of the pros and cons about the Cuisinart Extreme Brew coffee maker.

The Good Part About Cuisinart Extreme Brew

What We Like About the Coffee Machine:

  • The coffee taste good! The Extreme Brew feature is fully automatic and its control panel is fairly easy to use. There is also Brew Strength control that allows you to choose either Regular or Bold brew coffee. Apart from that, it has 1-4 cups option so you don’t have to make more than what you need.

  • Along with its user-friendly control panel, the Cuisinart Extreme Brew also has the Brew Pause feature. This feature will pause the brewing process and allows you to pour a cup of coffee even before the entire brewing process is complete.

  • The Extreme Brew coffee maker can brew up to 10 cups of coffee with slightly shorter brewing time. Cuisinart claims that it is up to 25% faster than the regular coffee maker.

  • We like the double-walled stainless steel thermal carafe for its ability to keep the coffee warm for a longer time. Do remember to warm up the carafe with hot water or the cold carafe may cool down the coffee instead of keeping it hot. (note: it does not come with heated plate) The stainless steel thermal carafe should also last much longer than a regular glass carafe, which is not as dishwasher friendly.

  • The Cuisinart Extreme Brew uses Gold Tone Permanent Coffee Filter. If you are looking for a cup of really good coffee, you probably know the differences between filtering your coffee with a gold tone coffee filter and paper coffee filter. We prefer ours filtered with the gold tone coffee filter.

  • The water quality is also as important when it comes to preserving all the goodness and taste as coffee is mainly 98% water. The Cuisinart Extreme Brew came with replaceable charcoal water filter. You can and should change it once every two months or every sixty uses. The charcoal water filter will help to eliminate bad odors, chlorine, calcium and bad tastes.

  • The coffee machine also comes with the self-clean feature. While this is not something we need to do every day, the self-clean feature does make cleaning the internal part easier.

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The Bad Part About Cuisinart Extreme Brew

What Could Be Better: Cuisinart Extreme Brew

  • The Extreme Brew occupy quite some space and it is slightly tall. If you plan to put it under a cupboard, do take note that the water reservoir lid needs to be open from the up top. (You may need to pull it out from under cupboard) It could be better if the reservoir and the coffee filter compartment can be taken out from the side.

  • The water reservoir also seems to hold more water than the designated 10 cups brew. Many users feedback says that the coffee may overflow all over the kitchen top and advised to fill up only 9 cups of water to prevent that. Apart from that, if you like stronger coffee you will need two tablespoons of coffee grounds to make each cup even with the Bold brew setting. The coffee filter’s maxed capacity seems to allow only 16 tablespoons at most, thus only capable of brewing 8 cups at a time.

  • The thermal carafe’s design is a bit awkward and it makes pouring the last cup of coffee a hard task.

  • Some have also mentioned that the thermal carafe did not keep the coffee hot for long enough.

  • As mentioned above, do remember to warm up the thermal carafe with hot water before you start brewing. I think it is understandable that a cold stainless steel thermal carafe may cool down the coffee slightly and thus it cannot keep the coffee warmer for longer hours. The carafe lid is also tight for some users. Partly due to the design and purpose of keeping the coffee warm inside the thermal carafe.

  • Last minor issue would be the coffee machine’s display that does not come with a backlight. This is a minor but inconvenience issue for some users operating the coffee maker at darker hours.

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Our Verdict on Cuisinart Extreme Brew 10-Cup Coffee Machine

Is the Cuisinart Extreme Brew 10-Cup Coffee Maker a Good Buy? {:class=”deck”}

The Extreme Brew coffee machine’s control panel is very user-friendly.

The fully automatic 24-hour programmability features make brewing coffee every morning pretty effortless while the thermal carafe keeps it warm till you are ready to enjoy it.

The Cuisinart Extreme Brew coffee maker is a recommended buy if you do not need more than 10 cups of coffee daily or do not have frequent guests home.

(Note: it does brew faster than regular coffeemaker, though)

Another point to note would be the coffee machine itself do take up some space in the kitchen.​

Especially if you plan to place it in the cupboard, it will definitely be inconvenient.

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The Cuisinart Extreme Brew Features

RECAP: Some of the Cuisinart Extreme Brew features worth considering

Extreme Brew Technology

Extreme Brew feature uses re-engineered brewing technology to deliver coffee up to 25% faster.

Brew Strength Control

Brew Strength Control allows you to choose the coffee brew strength whether you like it regular or bold.

Fully Automatic 24-Hour Programmability

Fully Automatic with 24-hour programmability, auto shutoff, and 1 to 4 cup setting.

There is also an auto-clean feature that came along with it.

Brew Pause

Brew Pause feature allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee before the brewing cycle is done.

Premium Stainless Steel Double-walled Thermal Carafe

The Cuisinart Extreme brew comes with a Premium Stainless Steel 10-Cup Thermal Carafe which is double-walled insulated to keep coffee hot for hours.

The thermal carafe also comes with a drip-free pouring spout and a comfortable handle for easy serving.

Easy to Fill Water Reservoir

Easy-to-Fill Water Reservoir lifts up for quick fill-ups and has a window on the side of the coffeemaker to display water level.

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