Top Rated Range Hood in 2019

Range hoods are quite useful as they keep things cool, they keep your kitchen clean, they remove odors, produce light, and so much more.

Top Rated Range Hood in 2019

Yes, you have probably seen range hoods before, but the fact of the matter is that they are not all the same – not by a long shot.

This is true both for smaller and larger kitchens, whether at home or in a professional setting.

Many smaller kitchens do not have range hoods, but they could certainly do with them.

The bottom line is that, there are so many different brands, types, and varieties of range hoods out there, all with differing features, that choosing the right one for your home can be a total nightmare.

However, that is what we are here to help you with today.

We have a buyer’s guide prepared for you, one that will tell you all of the features and considerations you need to look for before making a purchase.

There’s also a review section for the top rated range hoods that we are pretty confident can help you come to a purchasing decision with this in-depth.

Let’s dive right in!

Best Range Hood in 2019

Range HoodTypePrice
Kitchen Bath Collection Wall-Mounted Range Hood (Editor’s Pick)Wall-MountedPrice
Golden Vantage Wall Mounted Range Hood (Editor’s Pick)Wall-MountedPrice
Z Line Wall Mounted Range Hood (Editor’s Pick)Wall-MountedPrice
Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range HoodUnder-CabinetPrice
Broan Under-Cabinet Range HoodUnder-CabinetPrice
Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Wall Mounted Range HoodWall-MountedPrice
AKDY Wall Mounted Range HoodWall-MountedPrice
FIREBIRD Under Cabinet Range HoodUnder-CabinetPrice
Ancona Slim Under-Cabinet Range HoodUnder-CabinetPrice
Winflo Wall Mounted Range HoodWall-MountedPrice

1. Kitchen Bath Collection Wall-Mounted Range Hood

If you need a good wall mounted good range, this model from Kitchen Bath Collection is a great option to keep in mind. For one, it is made out of stainless steel.

The stainless steel construction makes it very durable, it is scratch resistant, and it will not rust or corrode. Even better is the fact that the Kitchen Bath Collection range hood looks really nice.

The glass canopy and touch screen buttons add sophistication to the mix. The glass might not be the easiest to clean, but it certainly looks nice.

The fact that the Kitchen Bath Collection range hood has touchscreen buttons is pretty cool, something which many older models simply do not have.

Yes, they work really well and look really nice, but they are a bit difficult to clean. In terms of the look, you will hard pressed to find a better-looking wall mounted range hood than this.

You will have to have a duct system already working or have one installed, as this range hood requires a duct, but it is well worth the investment – if you ask us.

What is really cool here is that the Kitchen Bath Collection range hood can also be installed without a duct system, but it will recirculate the air throughout the home.

This particular range hood comes with 412 CFM of suction power, so in other words, it is quite powerful. Keep in mind that it does a better job at sucking heat and steam from rear burners than front ones, as it is not all that deep.

This model comes with 3-speed settings, making it quite versatile for various cooking needs. If you are boiling water, use the first or lowest speed setting, but if you have lots going on, using the highest setting is ideal.

Another neat aspect of the Kitchen Bath Collection range hood is that it comes with a 49-LED bulb lighting system. It’s said to be up to 3 times brighter than most other models and provides a whole lot of illumination.

Finally, the Kitchen Bath Collection range hood comes with dual aluminum micro-gel grease filters to stop grease from clogging up vents or re-entering your home, both of which are dishwasher friendly. At the same time, this range hood also comes with charcoal carbon filters.

Bottom Line

The Kitchen Bath Collection range hood might not be the cheapest option, but it works and looks well, but it is quite loud.


  • Very sleek and good looking
  • Convenient touch buttons
  • Lots of suction power
  • Multiple installation methods
  • Comes with grease and carbon filters
  • 3-speed settings
  • Great illumination


  • Quite loud
  • Touch buttons are a pain to clean
  • Glass canopy gets dirty easily

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2. Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood

If you need an excellent wall-mounted range hood, but don’t want to spend all that much money, the Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood is a more affordable choice than the above range, but it also does not work quite as well.

Make no mistake about it. This range hood is quite decent and more than good enough for smaller kitchens, but it just doesn’t have quite the same level of quality and features as the above model.

One significant positive aspect of this particular range hood is that it operates fairly quietly. It is much quieter than many other options out there, which is pretty beneficial.

With that being said, the Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood can muster a suction power of 400 CFM, which is just a little less than the above option; it’s not the most powerful option out there, but it does get the job done.

We like how it comes with 3-speed settings which makes it quite versatile and ideal for various cooking applications.

The Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood is made of black stainless steel, which looks quite nice in the right setting, plus the level of durability is very high.

While the touchscreen buttons can be a bit of a pain to clean, they do work well and look nice to boot. It’s one of the better-looking range hoods out there right now. This hood comes with a few lights to help illuminate the workspace, but to be honest, they are nothing special.

A cool aspect here is that the Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood can be mounted on the wall using your existing ducting or it can be installed with new ducts too, in which case, you get a nice grease filter that works pretty well, which is also dishwasher safe.

If you don’t want to deal with ducts, you can go for the vent-less installation, which you get aluminum mesh carbon filters so hot air and greasy steam does not blow back into your kitchen.

Bottom Line

This range hood is 30 inches wide, which makes it ideal for small and medium-small stovetops.


  • Quite durable
  • Good looking black finish
  • 3-speed settings
  • Decent suction power
  • Vented or ventless installation options
  • Comes with some lighting
  • Machine washable filters
  • Fairly quiet


  • Touchscreen buttons are a little hard to clean
  • Suction in the front is worse than the rear
  • Lights are not very useful or bright

Get Golden Vantage Wall Mount Range Hood

3. Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood

At the other end of the spectrum, if you need a good-looking, versatile, and super powerful range hood, the Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood is a really nice option to go with.

Yes, it is significantly more expensive than both the other wall mount range hoods we have reviewed above, but it is well worth the investment considering how much power it has and how well it performs its job.

The worst part about this thing is the high price of it, but it works like a charm.

First off, what we really like about the Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood is that it can be installed with or without a duct system. You can install it so that it recirculates the air right back into your home, in which case it uses grease and moisture trapping carbon filters.

These do need to be replaced, and this option does bring a lot of heat into the home. The other option is that you build or use an existing duct system, in which case you get high-quality grease traps that are machine washable.

However, this installation method is quite tricky and costly too.

The Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood can fit ceilings from 7 feet to 14 feet, which is pretty versatile indeed. It even comes with chimney extension options just in case you have a big house.

It also comes with the option of a short chimney kit for low ceilings. What is really impressive about this range hood is that it comes with a suction power of 760 CFM. This is close to double the suction power of both the previous models we looked at.

If the Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood does one thing really well, it is sucking up a whole lot of grease and heat thanks to its insane level of suction power.

The fact that the Z Line Wall Mount Range Hood comes with a total of 4 fan speed options is pretty useful too. Although it has a ton of suction power, which would be the highest setting, the lower settings are also ideal for various purposes.

In other words, this particular option is quite versatile. The adjustable halogen lights, which this model of range hood comes with, are quite good too. They are not the brightest or longest lasting, but they get the job done. Being able to dim them is undoubtedly pretty neat.

Bottom Line

We do need to mention that this option is quite loud, exceedingly so, but that is what you get with lots of suction power.


  • Useful and easy-to-use buttons
  • Can be mounted with or without ducts
  • Tons of suction power
  • Adjustable lighting system
  • 4-speed options – lots of versatility
  • Tough stainless steel build
  • Good for many kitchen sizes


  • Very loud on the highest setting
  • The lights do not last long
  • Vent hood cover is a little short
  • Expensive

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4. Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood

If you need a small, sleek, and relatively powerful under-cabinet range hood for a fairly small and tight kitchen, the Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood is an excellent option to keep in mind.

Heck, it does not cost all that much considering what it can do and how well it functions.

Keep in mind, it does have some drawbacks, for the small size and relative good suction power it comes with, it’s a decent option, especially thanks to the relatively low price it comes.

One of the significant benefits that you get with this particular range hood is that it is made to be small and sleek. It is straightforward to install, it is small enough to fit under most cabinets, and it is perfect for smaller kitchens.

The ease of use, installation, and cleaning of the Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood is a pretty big deal.

Yes, we said cleaning. This hood comes with a good carbon filter grease trap that can be removed, cleaned, and even put in the dishwasher, which is quite convenient.

We do like how the Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with lights, although they are nothing too special.

Now, just so you know, the Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood does not use any ducts. It has rear and top venting options, which is convenient depending on the configuration of your cabinets.

This does make it cheaper than options which require ducts, but it does not work as well because the air, while it does get filtered, pumps back into your kitchen, which is not as effective as range hoods that expel the air outside.

However, this does make it much cheaper than duct options. The other problem here is that it is not that large, so it is ideal only for smaller cooking ranges.

That being said, the Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood does come with over 750 CFM of suction power. That is almost as strong as the previously reviewed wall mount option, but without the huge price tag.

Of course, coming with this much suction is nice, but this feature is not as good as you might think, because the air gets recalculated into your home.

Bottom Line

A significant benefit here is that the Chef Taste Maker Series Under Cabinet Range Hood is very quiet, one of the quieter models out there in fact, plus, it also has 3-speed options.


  • Small and sleek
  • Good for small kitchens
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Very powerful
  • Rear and top venting options
  • Comes with lights
  • Fairly quiet


  • Recirculates air – not the best for heat dissipation
  • Not suitable for larger cooking ranges
  • Lights are not the best
  • Durability is questionable

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5. Broan 413004 Under-Cabinet Range Hood

When it comes to under-cabinet range hoods – inexpensive ones – this is one of the better options to go with. Up until now, the Broan 413004 Under-Cabinet Range Hood is by far the cheapest option on this list.

It’s nice if you are on a budget and need something small with decent functions.

Keep in mind that you do get what you pay for, so the features of this thing are fairly limited, but if you are on a tight budget, it is certainly better than nothing at all.

First off, the Broan 413004 Under-Cabinet Range Hood is very small and sleek. It is meant to fit well under many cabinets and cabinet styles.

The fact that it works well for small kitchens is something that many of us can appreciate. Seeing as it is very small, it does not work well for larger cooking ranges, especially for front burners.

On that same note, which it does have a decent amount of CFM, it is not the strongest or the best when it comes to suction. It’s just not meant for large jobs, but it works just fine for smaller applications.

One of the reasons why the Broan 413004 Under-Cabinet Range Hood is so easy to install is because it does not use or require ducts, which is both a good and bad thing.

On the upside, this makes it really easy and cheap to install. However, on the other hand, it simply does not work as well as those range hoods which use ducts.

The biggest drawback here is that the filtered air blows out the front of the range hood, more or less right into your face.

Yes, this particular option does come with an efficient and washable filter to remove grease and moisture from the air.

However, the heat still blows back into your face, and it simply does not work as well as an option that uses ducts. This range cover only comes with 1 light, as well as a single speed setting.

Bottom Line

So, as you can see, the Broan 413004 Under-Cabinet Range Hood is an excellent option for small kitchens and people with limited budgets, and while it works OK, it is certainly not comparable to the other models we have examined so far.


  • Very sleek and slim
  • Good for small kitchens
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Has a light
  • Durable stainless steel build


  • No speed adjustments
  • Light is weak
  • Blows hot air into your face
  • Limited suction power

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6. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Wall Mount Range Hood

This is a beautiful, affordable option to go with – a mid-range priced wall mount range hood that is ideal for medium-sized kitchens.

First off, the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Wall Mount Range Hood are made with really nice and durable stainless steel. This range hood is built not only to look good in modern kitchens but to stay there and last for a long time too.

While the glass hood cover might be a bit of a pain to clean, it certainly does look quite attractive.

This is a pretty sizable wall mounted range hood, one that is ideal for fairly large applications, but not too large. A decent-sized kitchen will do just fine with this range hood. It is a wall mounted option, so installation is not exactly the easiest.

However, what is cool about the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Wall Mount Range Hood is that it is convertible, which means that it can be installed without exterior vents.

If you want to save some money, use the charcoal filters combined with internal recirculation. It’s not quite as effective as venting to the outside, not by far, but it does cut down on costs.

If you choose to use ducts and a venting system, this option does come with a good grease trap that is machine washable. Keep in mind that the filters here are sold separately.

The Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Wall Mount Range Hood feature 400 CFM of suction power, which admittedly is not all that great.

However, it should be more than enough for smaller and medium-sized cooking ranges. It sucks up hot air really well for rear burners but does not do all that great for front burners.

This range hood does come with 3-speed options, which helps make it quite versatile. This option does also come with 2 lights, which help illuminate the workspace.

Bottom Line

The lights are not fantastic, but they are better than nothing. On a side note, this option is quite loud.


  • Good price
  • Looks nice
  • Multiple installation methods
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Reusable and washable filters
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Comes with lights
  • Decent amount of CFM


  • Quite loud
  • The lights are not the best
  • Longevity of the motor is a little questionable

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7. AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood

This is another reasonably affordable wall-mounted range hood to consider. It’s not the best in the world, but it is definitely good enough for smaller and medium-sized applications.

It might not be the most powerful, but it has some cool features, plus it is quite inexpensive too.

For one, the AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood is a 3-speed range hood. This is convenient because you can adjust the fan speed depending on how much you are cooking.

This range hood sucks air up at around 343 CFM.

Now, this is not the best by a long shot; the suction capacity here is a little limited to be perfectly honest. However, it does have some other cool features that make it worthwhile.

For one, the AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood can be installed without a duct system.

This is quite convenient, and it makes this particular range hood quite versatile. If you want to save money, simply install it without ducts. While this is not as effective as using ducts, it does work OK; it is much cheaper, and you don’t really have to make any home modifications.

If you go with the vent-less option, the carbon filters come included. On the other hand, installing it with vents does function better, but it will cost more and be harder to install.

This installation method also comes with the reusable and washable filters included.

The AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood is fairly quiet; it’s not the quietest range hood in the world, but it won’t cause you to go deaf either.

We like how this hood is made with stainless steel, as it has a high overall level of durability. With that being said, the glass canopy, while it looks nice, is a pain to clean.

Bottom Line

The AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood looks nice and it functions just fine, especially for the low price, but it’s not the best on this list.


  • Quite durable
  • Looks good
  • Inexpensive
  • Multiple venting installation options
  • Filters included – reusable
  • Suitable for small and medium applications
  • Fairly quiet


  • Limited suction power
  • For some reason, it tends to rust over time
  • The digital display is a little hard to program

Get AKDY Wall Mount Range Hood

8. FIREBIRD Under Cabinet Range Hood

The FIREBIRD Under Cabinet Range Hood is an excellent option to go with if you want a range hood for under your cabinet. It is quite small and sleek, making it easy to install in terms of fitting it into a tight space.

It’s nice for smaller kitchens. However, although it fits well into smaller places, it simply does not look very nice or stylish. Somehow, even though it is small, it manages to look bulky, and well, kind of plain. However, it does work reasonably well.

The FIREBIRD Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with a CFM of 492, which is actually quite impressive considering its small size. It is more than good enough for medium-size applications.

This particular range hood comes with 3-speed settings, making it ideal for versatility. Now, you do need to keep in mind that this option is vent only. This means that you have to install or use pre-existing ducts in your home.

It’s a nice option because it does not recirculate the air into the house, but it does end up making installation more complicated, plus it costs more as well.

All things considered, the FIREBIRD Under Cabinet Range Hood manages to be fairly quiet, even on the highest speed setting.

We also like how this option comes with 2 lights. Now, the lights are nothing special, and they die kind of fast, but 2 lights are still better than none.

Also, the lights are energy efficient, which is saying something. The filtration system included here is worthy of mentioning.

Bottom Line

The grease trap is easy to remove and to clean, which is a big bonus. Although it is made with stainless steel, the durability here is a little questionable.


  • Fits well into smaller spaces
  • Decent for smaller applications
  • Vents all air outside
  • Washable filters included
  • Comes with lights
  • Energy efficient
  • 3-speed settings
  • Fairly quiet


  • Limited suction power
  • Not great for larger purposes
  • Overall durability is a little questionable
  • Rather plain looking

Get FIREBIRD Under Cabinet Range Hood

9. Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood is an excellent option to go with if you want a mix of value and function.

No, it is not the most powerful range hood on the market, but it doesn’t cost too much, and it has multiple installation methods.

So, for one, this range hood has a 325 CMF air suction rating. Now, as you can tell, this is less than most other options we have talked about so far.

Yes, it does come with 3 different fan speeds, but only the top speed is useful for medium or larger cooking applications.

In all fairness, this thing just doesn’t suck too hard, as well, on the highest setting, the Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood is quite loud.

On the other hand, you might appreciate that the Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood comes with several installation options. It comes with rear venting in case you do not want to work with ducts.

This does make installation easier and cheaper, but the air still comes back into your house. The included filters do work well, but it’s still not as good as if you used an exterior venting system.

This is possible with the Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood, but of course, you will spend extra money hooking it up, plus it makes installation a fair bit harder.

We like how the Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood is very slim and can easily fit under most cabinets.

In this sense, it is quite versatile. Also, the 2 x 35-watt halogen lights included here are quite bright, but replacing the bulbs is a bit difficult.

It is made out of stainless steel which is a bonus because it makes this particular option quite durable. Also, while it is not the sleekest or most modern option on the market, it doesn’t look too bad at all.

Bottom Line

As we said, the Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood is nothing special, but it gets the job done.


  • 3-speed settings
  • Good for smaller applications
  • Installs well in small placed
  • Vent or vent-less installation
  • Comes with 2 lights
  • Easy to use mechanical controls
  • Looks OK
  • Quite durable


  • Limited suction power
  • Fairly loud

Get Ancona Slim SD330 Under Cabinet Range Hood

10. Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood

This final option on our list today is another wall-mounted range hood. It’s a pretty inexpensive option to go with, and it actually manages to bring a fair bit of durability, useful function, and more.

For one, the Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood can be installed with ducts and vents, which takes all air and moisture away and out of your home. The grease traps and filters are included, plus they are washable.

The neat part here is that this range hood can be converted into a ductless hood, in which case you will need to get the filters for it. Keep in mind that range hoods without ducting don’t work quite as well as those who use ducts.

The Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood comes with 2 energy-preserving LED lights that can be shut on and off at will. However, these LED lights, while they are quite long lasting and energy saving, are not very bright at all.

We also like how this particular range hood is made of brushed stainless steel. For one, although it is quite large, it still manages to look very elegant. It is a good option if you want a modern and stylish kitchen.

At the same time, the stainless steel build helps make it easy to clean; it is durable and very resistant to rusting and scratching as well.

It works exceptionally well if you use the duct option. We also like how this particular option has 3 fan speeds.

The lowest setting is, quite honestly, pretty useless, but the medium and high settings both work pretty well.

On a side note, the Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood is fairly loud when you use the high setting.

Bottom Line

The Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood produces an air flow speed of 400 CFM. While this is not the highest CFM level that we have ever seen, it should be more than good enough for smaller and medium-size cooking ranges.


  • Highly durable
  • Looks nice
  • Multiple installation options
  • Suitable for small and medium applications
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Comes with lights
  • Easy to clean
  • Filters included


  • Pretty loud
  • Lowest setting doesn’t do much
  • Lights are not very bright

Get Winflo Wall Mount Range Hood

Range Hood Buyer’s Guide

Seeing as there are so many types of range hoods to choose from, all with differing features, it is essential for you to know everything there is to know about this product.

Let’s talk about the different types of range hoods, their benefits, what features to look for, and much more.

With all of this information at your disposal, you should be able to choose the exact range hood that is right for you.

Types of Range Hoods

First off, there are quite a few different types of range hoods out there, and more often than not, the design of your kitchen will determine the kind which you will end up purchasing.

For instance, if you have your stovetop located in the center of the kitchen, you will need to go for an island range hood.

Let’s take a look at each type of range hood right now and what they have to offer you.

Keep in mind that if you are just replacing an old range hood, you will probably want to stick with the same type you had before, but if you are building a new kitchen from scratch, it is up to you to choose the one that works best for you.

There are 5 main types of range hoods that you need to know all about.

Under-cabinet range hoods

The under-cabinet range hood is one of the most popular and the most common options to go with.

This type of range hood is located directly above your stovetop and is mounted under the cabinets which are located above the stove.

The idea here is for the range hood to be more than wide enough to capture all of the steam and smoke coming from the stove before it ever has a chance to get to the cabinets and damage them.

This type of range hood tends to be one of the more affordable and cost-effective options to go with. They are usually quite easy to install, and can sometimes even be installed without the help of a professional.

They are generally cheaper and easier to install than most other types of range hoods. When it comes to under cabinet range hoods, you will usually find 2 varieties.

One variety will have ducts and piping which actually takes the steam and hot air out of the kitchen to the outside of the home. The other variety will simply recirculate the air back through your kitchen.

The under-cabinet range hoods with ducts to the exterior work much better to get rid of steam, heat, and smoke, but they also require a bigger budget, home modifications, and are harder to install than the recirculating variety.

Wall-mounted range hoods

The next option to go with is the wall-mounted range hood. These are very similar to under-cabinet range hoods. The difference here is that the wall-mounted variety is used when there is a stove, but no cabinets above the stove.

It’s pretty much just a range hood used for stoves when there are no cabinets located above.

People would usually go with the under-cabinet option, but it really does not make much sense if you don’t have cabinets located over the stove.

As with the under-cabinet range hoods, the wall-mounted variety is usually a bit wider than the width of the stove to ensure that as much heat, smoke, and steam are captured as possible.

These are sometimes referred to as chimney range hoods, as they closely resemble chimneys.

They also tend to be quite easy to install, maybe even easier than under-cabinet models as there is no need to deal with sizing and fitting with the cabinets. However, they usually are a little more expensive than under-cabinet range hoods.

The reason for this is that they typically work a bit better than under-cabinet varieties, plus they look much more attractive.

Wall-mounted range hoods, just like the under-cabinet varieties, can come with ducts to the outside of the home, or they can also recirculate air to the inside of the house.

Of course, once again, the option with ducts, which vents the heat and steam to the outside, are more expensive and harder to install, but they also work much better than the kind that pumps the air back into the kitchen.

Island range hoods

The next type of range hood that you can go with is the island range hood.

More or less, if you have a stovetop located on a central island in the kitchen, one that has no walls around it for a wall-mounted or under-cabinet range hood, you will need to get an island range hood.

When it comes to the appearance of the island range hood, they generally look quite similar to a chimney or wall-mounted range hoods.

The only difference is that instead of being mounted to a wall, they are installed in the center of the ceiling, directly above the stove. More or less, it looks like a hanging chimney with a wide bottom.

They are usually built to be wide enough to cover the entirety of the stove top, which makes them quite effective at sucking a lot of steam, smoke, and hot air out of a kitchen.

They can be a little tricky to install, as they need to be ceiling mounted, which means dealing with studs, pipes, and electrical wires that are located in ceilings.

Also, you will need to make sure that you can connect the island range hood to ducting, as you do not want all that hot air rising into the ceiling.

Yes, there are cheaper island range hoods which absorb the air and then recirculate it make throughout the kitchen, but these are not really ideal at all. Island range hoods are expensive, but they are generally quite sleek, modern, and good looking.

They work exceptionally well, they look very nice, but they are also a little harder to install, and yes, more expensive too.

Insert range hoods

This type of range hood is sometimes referred to as a power rack.

These insert range hoods are very adaptable and ideal for smaller kitchens that may not be compatible with any of the other range hoods that we have talked about.

They are meant to be simply inserted into a small space where other range hoods might not fit.

Most people who want their kitchen to look nice will go with insert range hoods, as they are usually installed out of sight; they are great for aesthetic purposes.

The significant upside here is of course that you cannot often see insert range hoods, plus they are very adaptive and versatile, not to mention that they are generally very affordable to purchase.

However, the downfall is that their installation can be a little difficult, and often people will modify their kitchens just to fit an insert range hood.

While it is a decent option to keep in mind, it is not the first choice that we would personally go with.

Downdraft range hoods

This is perhaps one of the oddest and least used options out there, but none the less, the downdraft range hood exists.

Usually, in all other cases, as seen above, the range hood is located above the stovetop. This is logical as steam and heat rise upwards, so having the air suction above the stove makes perfect sense.

However, downdraft range hoods are installed using the ducts in your floors, thus pulling air down from the stove instead of upwards.

This tends to make downdraft range hoods the least effective option because catching heat that rises is easy when a range hood is located above the stove, but pulling heat and steam down to the floor is much harder.

This makes them fairly ineffective, especially when a lot of heat and steam are involved.

Now, they do make for a decent option, or at least better than nothing, for people who have island stovetops but do not want to shell out big bucks on an island range hood.

Downdraft range hoods are also ideal for island stovetops if you do not want to deal with ducting in the ceiling. This option tends to look decent, mainly because they are hidden from sight, and installation is not too hard, plus they are not all that expensive.

However, you get what you pay for, and downdraft range hoods simply are not all that good at their intended purpose.

The Benefits of Having a Range Hood

No, range hoods are not just contraptions that professional kitchens and rich people have.

While they do make a kitchen look professional, range hoods do have quite a few benefits that they bring to the table. Let’s take a look at the most significant range hood benefits right now.

If your kitchen is not properly vented, if it is a small space, and if you are using a gas cooking range, a range hood can help to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a bigger problem when it comes to cooking than most people think, which makes range hoods an essential feature of any kitchen.

Range hoods, most of them, often come with a lighting system built into them. This helps to illuminate the cooking space in kitchens that are otherwise dimly lit.

Range hoods help to keep your kitchen much cleaner than it would otherwise be. All of that heat, steam, and smoke rising from your pots and pans sticks to the walls.

The smoke and steam end up making your kitchen wet, damp, sticky, and greasy. Overall, kitchens without range hoods are much dirtier and end up being harder to clean, than kitchens that have range hoods built into them.

Range hoods which vent the heat to the outside of the home are great for helping to keep kitchens fairly cool.

Cooking produces a lot of heat, and without a decent range hood, all of that heat ends up warming up your kitchen and the rest of your home.

Sure, this might be fine in the winter, but not on a hot summer day.

If you have ever cooked or baked something that has charred up, started to burn, or just produced a lot of smoke, you know that the smoke detector in your home goes off.

Well, if you don’t want the smoke detector going off all of the time, a range hood is great because it sucks up the smoke which would otherwise trigger the smoke detector.

Range hoods, more often than not, end up making a kitchen look nicer and more professional.

Something that many people probably do not think about is that range hoods help to increase property value.

Thanks to all of the benefits that we have just listed, plus their often really nice designs, these are factors which will increase the value of your home, which is great if you ever decide to sell.

Main Considerations to Keep in Mind When Buying a Range Hood

There are lots of different factors that you need to keep in mind before you go out and buy the first range hood that you see.

Keeping these considerations in mind will help you buy the right range hood for your kitchen, your specific needs, and your budget too.


Size is probably one of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying a range hood.

Generally speaking, the opening of the range hood should be at least as big as the total surface area of the stove top or cooking area.

Ideally, the range hood should be a little wider and longer than the entire cooking surface below.

This will help ensure that all smoke, heat, and steam that comes from the cooking area is effectively captured.

Of course, the larger the range hood is, the more it is going to cost, but if you have already built a nice kitchen and have a big stove, a big and effective range hood is usually more than worth the investment.

Now, when it comes to size, especially for under-cabinet range hoods, you need to pay attention to the amount of space you have under your cabinets.

Unless you plan to build the cabinets around the range hood, you need to make sure that the range hood you get can actually fit under the cabinets.

On the other hand, wall-mounted and island range hoods are really only limited by how much space you have available.

Always make measurements and make them twice; you don’t want to buy a range hood that ends up being too small or too large.


Of course, you want to consider how much power the range hood in question has.

The larger the cooking area and the further away the range is from the cooking area, the more powerful it will need to be.

Yes, a more powerful range hood with more suction power is going to cost more than a less powerful one, but it is worth the investment considering that you are preserving your kitchen and cutting down on the mess and cleaning too.

One important thing to keep in mind is that range hoods that use a duct system to carry the air and steam to the outside are much more powerful than the varieties which recirculate the air throughout the home.

The range hoods which pump the air back into your home use filtration systems to clean the air, but these tend to cut down on airflow and suction power quite a bit.

In terms of suction power, wall and cabinet range hoods should have at least 100 CFM per linear foot of suction power to be effective, but something closer to 125 CFM is ideal.

For island range hoods, because there is a greater distance between the range hood and the cooking area, you will need a range hood with something like 150 CFM per linear foot to compensate for the distance.

However, we would recommend going with something that has a little more CFM.

Remember, if the range hood in question does not have enough CFM, or in other words, suction power, it won’t be able to remove all heat and steam that comes off the cooking range.

Power is perhaps one of the more important factors to keep in mind here.

Noise level

Range hoods suck up lots of air to keep your kitchen clean, cool, and smoke-free.

However, this means that they produce a fair amount of noise. Perhaps the most common complaint about most range hoods is that they are very loud.

Most people will simply have to deal with this as there is always going to be some level of noise created by any range hood.

However, there are some models which are advertised as being much quieter than the competition.

While this is sometimes true, keep in mind that being a little quieter than something that is inherently loud, might not actually be that quiet when it comes to the overall noise level.

Also, keep in mind that range hoods that actually are fairly quiet might not have all that much suction power.

If the range hood in question is both very powerful and is quiet too, it is going to cost you a fair bit of money.

The look

The look and aesthetic appeal of your range hood is not the first thing that you should take into consideration.

A lot of people do not really care what a range hood looks like, as long as it actually performs its job.

However, if you are concerned about the visual appeal of your range hood, you will need to look around for one that matches your style and your kitchen.

Wall-mounted range hoods and island range hoods tend to be designed to look stylish and sleek, designs that people will be impressed by, but keep in mind that the nicer they look, the more they are usually going to cost.

Insert range hoods are generally an excellent option to go with if you want to keep the range hood entirely out of sight.

Downdraft range hoods are good for this too, but of course, as mentioned before, downdraft ranges are not all that effective at their job.

To be quite honest, if you want a really good range hood that does its job, go for the most important features.

As far as we are concerned, when it comes to range hoods, being functional and useful is much more important than just looking pretty.

Fan speed

Another essential consideration to keep in mind when buying a new range hood is if it has varying fan speeds or not.

Less expensive range hoods will usually have only 1 speed, or sometimes 2.

This is fine if you just need a basic range hood and don’t need too much suction power or variety. If you are only cooking a little bit every now and then, this should do just fine.

Obviously, range hoods with fewer speed options, or no fan speed options, will cost much less than those that have 2, 3, or more fan speed settings.

Having multiple fan speed settings is ideal for people who cook more and have a lot of variety of dishes and cooking types.

With a good range hood with a variety of fan speeds, you can keep it on low speed if you are just boiling some pasta, or you can really crank up the suction speed when you have multiple hot and steamy dishes on the go.

To be honest, most home kitchens will do just fine with a 1 or 2-speed range hood, but for more professional kitchens and larger cooking loads, a wider range of fan speeds to choose from is the ideal choice.

Type of ventilation

Yet another significant consideration to keep in mind is whether you want a vented range hood or a recirculating one.

First off, the variety that does not use ducts and simply recirculates the air into the home tends to be much cheaper and easier to install; they are less expensive up front and less expensive because of reduced installation costs.

Also, you will need to drill into the walls and make an opening to connect them to or even install duct systems for ventilation. This can also be a problem in many larger buildings as you can’t go ripping apart concrete apartment walls.

Duct range hoods will come with a grease trap that needs to be cleaned every now and again, but this is not a big deal.

So, range hoods with ducts that lead outside are much more expensive, they are harder to install, and often require big construction jobs to install.

However, they do tend to work much better than range hoods which recirculate the air.

Those that do not have ducts require filters, filters that get dirty, need to be cleaned, and need to be replaced.

Also, depending on the model you get, the air that goes back into your home might not be totally clean or cool. It’s really a matter of cost when it comes right down to it.

Ease of installation

The next thing that you should keep in mind is how easy the range hood is to install.

As we said before, range hoods that use ducts are going to be quite hard to install no matter what, whereas those that recirculate air should not be too difficult to install.

Models which do not use ducts might actually be possible to install without professional help, but when it comes to models that do use ducts, you probably won’t be able to install them by yourself.

With that being said, those that are more complicated to install also tend to look a little better, plus work a lot better too.


The eighth and final consideration to keep in mind, one that is probably quite important for most people, is how much it is going to cost.

This includes the upfront purchase as well as installation costs.

The cost is pretty much going to depend on the above factors so you will want to pay close attention to all of those considerations up above.

A range hood with lots of fan speed options, tons of power, one that is large, and one that uses ducts, is going to be much costlier than one with limited speed options, limited power, that is small, and does not use ducts.

Of course, the more you pay for your range hood, the more likely it is to work with greater effectiveness, plus it will probably look better too.

You need to create a budget and consider what the most important features for you are before you go out and spend a lot of money.


If you are on the hunt for a new range hood, please keep in mind all of the things that we have talked about.

Always look at the power, cost, size, ease of installation, and all of the other important considerations we talked about.

If you do not carefully consider these things, you might very well end up purchasing something that you do not want or cannot use.

Always take a look at the features, take a look at other models, compare them, and always think about whether the specific range hood you are looking at will work well in your kitchen.

Of course, we would recommend going with any of the above options, as they are regarded as being the best range hoods out there right now.

However, seeing as there are so many different types, the one you purchase will be determined by your specific needs and the kitchen you are looking to create.

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