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What is this site about?

Hello there!

HOMEQUIPMENT is a website that reviews household products.

We aim to share with you the best household equipments, home goods, and gears.

We don’t focus on presenting you with anything but the things we love.

We want to make it easier for you to buy some great gears quickly and get on with your life.

Why We Started This Site

Just like you, we all have been through the time when we were struggling to make decisions on what's a good piece of gear.

Wouldn't it be more convenient if websites with the "tried and tested" information exist to help us make better decisions?

We were looking for this exact same thing every now and then too!

It all started with a little online journal that I shared opinions among my friends and family about the household products we were using.

Sooner, more people were searching online and reached that little blog.

During that time, we realized the information we shared was not complete enough for the public.

So here we are, building this brand new website with all reviews on products we have personally used and experienced.

What Can You Expect From Us

As we are making progress on transitioning the "little online journal" I told you about.

This website will be covering on all household gears like Vacuum Cleaners, Cookware, Coffee Machines, Washing Machines, Blenders, Dryers and etc.

Sometimes we might also find some home goods so nice that we can't resist writing up, we will just share them with you here.

We hope what we share here will help you make good decisions to buying great gears and you would come back and share it with your friends.

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See you around!

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