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What is this site about?

Being a consumer, we are constantly surrounded by hundreds of brands and models of every product that we rely on our daily life.

Making an informed, reliable decision on buying the best products that suit our needs become such a pain.

I, for one, has been facing these problems every time when I had to move from one place to another.

I personally did not like many of the major product review sites I found on the Internet.

That is not to say that their articles are not good.

It is just that, many times over, those articles did not really help me make my decision quicker.

You see, sometimes we are just looking for something that fixes what we need and move on.

This site, HOMEQUIPMENT was created for a few important purposes.

For one, it helps to record down products that I have used/done extensive researches before I decide to purchase what I think best suits what I needed.

It also helps me to keep up with new models of each brand that I’m very confident in buying.

Throughout the process of my product reviews, I certainly also gain more in-depth knowledge what we have been using in our daily live.

And of course, lastly, when I decided to publish these articles publicly, I wish to share with everyone else who needed quick details to help with purchase decisions.

Not everything I share here will be a perfect fit for everyone.

Some products come with hefty price tags that may be above your budget and not necessary needed by you while others may be looking for an All-In-One solution that simply fixes their problems and future-proof their home.

In other words, some of the most expensive may not be the best that you need. Do read on the details and decide on the pros and cons instead.

I look forward to your comments via the comment form on each article or you can contact me via the contact page.

Enjoy your stay and ask me questions!

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